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International Call – Join Us, Act Now!
December 31, 2008, 8:13 pm
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The civil society in Israel calls out to the international community:


Since Saturday December 27th, the Israeli Air Forces have been bombing the Gaza strip. Until now (Tuesday morning), more than 374 people were killed and over 800 were injured. The horror images from Gaza show blood, body parts and destruction everywhere. Hospitals are overflowing, while the Strip’s largest storage of medical supplies was bombarded. The Israeli government is threatening that this is to be only the beginning.

We, Jewish and Palestinian citizens of Israel, are horrified by the actions of the government and the army. We oppose this war and demand to end the suffering inflicted on the people of Gaza.

We demand:

  • An immediate ceasefire and an end to all Israeli military operations

  • An immediate access to Gaza for ALL humanitarian aid and supplies

  • Permanent lifting of the siege and all restrictions on movement of people and goods to and from Gaza.

Mass bombardment and killing are not self-defense. The Israeli government’s actions represent the main threat to the residents of the south and of Gaza. Four Israeli citizens have already died in the south of Israel of missiles fired in response to this attack. We are all hostages of our government.

The Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip and the entire conflict in the Middle East are fueled by international economical and political interests. This war, too, is backed by the silence of the European Union and the support of the USA in the Security Council of the UN. The blood is on their hands as well as on ours.

We alone cannot stop this war and bloodshed. We call upon the international community and ask for your help.


(Please inform us of your action! )

Join us on the International Action Day to STOP THE WAR IN GAZA! Saturday, January 3rd, 2009.

– Organize a protest action in front of the Israeli embassy or consulate in your city.

– Contact your political representatives and demand their engagement in international efforts to end the war.

– Contact your Congressperson or representative in the Parliament of the European Union and demand they take a clear stand against these aggressions.

– Write letters to the Israeli leadership responsible for this war:

Ehud Olmert – Prime Minister

Tel: 02-6753217


Address: Kaplan St. #3

Hakirya, building 3



Tzipi Livni – Foreign Minister

Tel: 02-6753285

Fax: 02-6753792


Address: Itzhak Rabin Blvd. #9



Ehud Barak – Minister of Defense

Tel: 03-6975000

Fax: 03-6962757


Address: Kaplan St.


Tel Aviv


– Donate to Physicians for Human Rights for emergency humanitarian aid.

With a medical system already on the verge of collapse as a result of the ongoing closure, 1.4 million civilians are in desperate need of urgent medical help from outside the Gaza Strip. PHR-Israel has the means to transfer this help within days and is seeking to raise 700,000 USD during the next week for purchase and direct transfer of supplies to Gaza hospitals.

– Donate to the Coalition of Women for Peace for our anti-war campaign.

From the first day of the attack, we have been mobilizing hundreds of Israelis to protest the war. Please support us for further struggle to bring the public to protest in the streets of Israel. A ceasefire may be a matter of time, but each day we make it closer we save people’s lives.


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